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Community Engagement

Libraries are committed to strengthening partnerships and increasing engagement
with agencies and organizations that align with our mission.


Ms. Sheffield standing before a bookcase.

You Can Be Anything

Community Engagement  Quality of Life

You can be anything you want to be when you come to the library.



Why were you interested in serving on the Library Board?

I was interested in serving on the Board because it brought back so many memories. I spent my childhood in the library. My mother was a librarian at Hineshaw Elementary School and then she substituted down here at Liberty Elementary, and I just enjoyed it. She had me, of course, doing things in the library. When I went to college, I got a job working in the library. I love the library. I love books. And I just love the environment.


How have libraries made a difference in your life?

The Library opened me and my world to knowledge beyond what I had, exposure and experiences. It made life easier for me when I was in college. I ended up spending a lot of time at the Library, so I ended up getting a job there.


Libraries are important because...

Libraries are such a wealth of knowledge and they expose people to things outside of their arena. The Library crosses cultural lines, families lines, and you can come here and find anything you want. You can be anything you want to be when you come to the library.

The Library helps people to read. It offers them math skills. And now with the computer technology–they didn’t have that when I came along–with it being available to the citizens, that’s just fantastic.

The Library is a home away from home for some people. It has a lot to offer to the community, which helps to build the community. When people are able to come here and venture into a book, into knowledge, it helps them to go out and explore and find themselves doing better things to help themselves and their families and their communities. The library ends up being a builder for the community.

I get a thrill when I see young people working in the library and having their friends come in. It’s building community and building relationships.  


~ Sandra Sheffield
  Chair, Liberty County Library Board


November 9, 2022