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Economic Empowerment

Libraries provide resources and training to help individuals apply for a job,
advance their careers, and better manage their financial lives.



Stepping Stone

Economic Empowerment

This was the opportunity I needed.

W. W. Law Community Library had a big impact in my life.  I was able to use the library and staff as a stepping stone to build my life and my career.  As a young person, I didn’t always make good choices. Honestly, I was on the wrong path.

This was the opportunity I needed. It gave me a goal to work towards.

A special program at the W.W. Law Center, sponsored by the City of Savannah Community Lawn Care Program changed my life. I discovered a great love for the outdoors and landscaping. I also worked on my personal development and business skills. I started my own landscaping business right within my very own community.

Thanks to  everyone who helped and encouraged me along the way.   

~ Robert
W.W. Law Library Customer


July 14, 2023