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Community Engagement

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                Homebound Program

Bright Days with Books on the Go

Community Engagement I Quality of Life

They love to see those bags delivered right to their rooms!


Patrons who are not able visit the library due to illness, disability, or related issues may request homebound services.  Books on the Go allows you to request library materials for free delivery and pickup.  The library will mail items to your residence, and when you are ready, you just mail them back to the library—all at no cost to you.


The books I receive help me with my diet, my spirituality, and Ms. Pat is friendly and helpful.


It's a Wonderful Program


I'm a provider in my home for disabled adults. In-home library is a great service for them since they have been out of adult day care since Covid. Dan and Geradine listen to their audiobooks and I read to them when I get the chance. They like hearing and listening to what is going on and like their material. Thanks for having such a great program because the shut in and disabled people can't make it to the library, but the library can come to them. It's a wonderful program. Keep it going!


~ Beverly
  Homebound Customer

Keep 'em Coming!


We started the homebound service for our residents at Summer Breeze Senior Living in May. It's been a great service!!! The residents love being able to request the latest books from their favorite authors and genres! Not to mention receiving mail! :) They love to see those bags delivered right to their rooms! We are very grateful for the homebound service and many thanks to Pat for coming out, explaining the process and signing up our residents. Keep 'em coming!


~ Laura
  Homebound Customer

Something to Look Forward to


The Live Oak Public Library has been such a blessing to the residents at Resorts at Pooler! The library has mailed a few of our residents books and CD's to read and listen to. They are grateful because they have not been able to get out and about lately because of the COVID virus. The books and CDs give them something fun to do and something to look forward to! Thank you!


~ Maurine
  Homebound Customer