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Notary Services

Live Oak Public Libraries offers notary services for a fee at select locations. Please contact the participating library locations to schedule an appointment.


To have a document notarized, patrons will need to:

• Call & schedule an appointment at one of the participating library locations
• Bring any required witnesses with you (you may not solicit other library patrons or library staff as a witness)
• Review document for completeness (any blanks should be appropriately filled in with information or as “n/a”)
• Refrain from signing the document before coming to the appointment. Documents that are signed before arrival will be refused.
• Bring proper identification (driver’s license, State ID, military ID, or passport)
• Ensure all signers are physically present for the scheduled appointment


Live Oak Public Libraries will be responsible to:

• Schedule individual appointments
• Provide private/semi-private place to perform notarial act
• Verify signer’s identification
• Perform verbal ceremony
• Notarize appropriate document

The Library reserves the right to decline a notarial request for any (non-discriminatory) reason.


Documents that we will generally notarize:

• Oaths/ Affirmations
• Certified copies of original documents
• Affidavits / Verifications
• Acknowledgments
• Signature Witnessing


Documents that we will not notarize:

• Pre-signed/dated Documents
• Deeds
• Mortgages
• Wills
• Powers of Attorney
• Living Wills
• Living Trusts
• *Codicils
• *Depositions
• Birth Certificates
• Death Certificates
• Marriage Certificates
• School Transcripts
• I-9 Forms

* Codicils= A codicil to a will is a way to modify your will without preparing a whole new one.
* Depositions= to obtain testimony from a witness under oath prior to trial.


Libraries providing notary services:

Southwest Chatham Library
Hinesville Library
Bull Street Library
Garden City Library


Notary Services Fees

Notary services are $2.00 per document and may be paid with cash, credit card or check (made payable to Live Oak Public Libraries).

Additional fees may apply for print/copy/scan/fax or other services. Please see the Fee Schedule Below.

2024 Fee Schedule