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Community Engagement

Libraries are committed to strengthening partnerships and increasing engagement
with agencies and organizations that align with our mission.


Dr. Brigid Nesmith posing before bookshelves at Rincon Library.

Great Value to Our Community

Community Engagement  Quality of Life

Libraries are important because they bring great value to our community!


How have libraries made a difference in your life?

The location and accessibility of libraries have always been key aspects of their importance to me. I have many memories of visiting libraries from my childhood. One fond memory for me from a very young age is taking a dance class at my local library in Piscatway, New Jersey that sparked my love of dancing and led to years of dance classes and competitions. I also remember an art workshop that sparked a creativity in me and a hobby of drawing.

Academically, I had the opportunity to participate in SAT preparation classes at the library which allowed me to pursue my education degree in college. Then, while in college, the library gave me a quiet refuge from my dorm roommates in which I could study for the next exam. In more recent years, the library allowed me a place in which I could complete my dissertation with all the necessary resources and support.

As a parent, I wanted to create the same foundation for my children that my parents created for me by frequently visiting our local library. I worked to make sure that my children had similar positive memories. I realized that not only was it important to their development but also to our bonding as we experienced the events at the library as a family. I hope they will continue to see the value in libraries and instill the same love of libraries in their children.


Why were you interested in serving on the Library Board?

As a longtime resident of Effingham County, a former English teacher, and a current school administrator, I know firsthand the importance of libraries for our youth. I wanted to support my Effingham community and make a positive contribution to our libraries, as they were extremely important in the lives of my children.

I have longed to make a difference in my county and broaden my support of the library community. I wanted to support the efforts of our libraries and their staff in all that they do for our families and children and to make strong connections between our school system and the libraries. This opportunity allows me to collaborate with others for the benefit of the libraries and all who utilize them in Effingham County.


Libraries are important because...

Libraries are important because they bring great value to our community! They offer equitable access to numerous resources in our community. They are a safe place in the community where people and families can go to participate in programs, find resources, read, etc. Libraries allow their patrons the opportunity to explore and create.

I believe that libraries are champions of youth. They build conscientious citizens and educate individuals. Libraries are also important because they are a hub in which social problems are addressed. As a school administrator, I also wholeheartedly believe that libraries are important to education and literacy.


~ Dr. Brigid Nesmith
  Member, Effingham County Board


March 24, 2023