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Quality of Life

Libraries help individuals achieve their personal goals while
working to strengthen our community’s collective goals.


Two children reading

An Amazing Experience

Quality of Life  |  Early Literacy

The staff is so incredibly nice and makes us feel like we are part of the library family.

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                Homebound Program

Bright Days with Books on the Go

Community Engagement I Quality of Life

They love to see those bags delivered right to their rooms!

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                Hinesville Genealogy Room

An Integral Part of My Life

Lifelong Learning | Quality of Life

Live Oak Public Libraries has been an integral part of my life since grade school.

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Never Too Old to Learn

Lifelong Learning  |  Quality of Life

You're learning from me, I'm learning from you... We're never too old to learn.

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The Woman Who I Am Today

Quality of Life | Economic Empowerment

If it wasn’t for the public library, I wouldn't be the woman who I am today.

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                Boy holding library card

Such a Fun Experience

Early Literacy | Quality of Life

Thank you for making getting a library card such a fun experience.

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Building Bridges with Legos

Building Bridges with LEGOs

Community Engagement  |  Quality of Life

And with every delivery to the branch, the enthusiasm among the children grew...

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Enriching Life

Quality of Life  |  Lifelong Learning | Community Engagement

This service has truly enriched my mom's life, as well as many others.

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