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Technology Access

The library supports digital literacy and helps meet the needs of the community
through increased access to computers, internet, and technology assistance.


Karen and DeWayne were having difficulty printing paycheck stubs, which they needed urgently to complete a business transaction.  The challenge was that they were unable to retrieve their password to access their email which had the financial information. 


W. W. Law Library staff assisted them with computer access.  Karen set up a new email address and DeWayne contacted his HR department to request the documents to be forwarded to the new email address. 


During the process, both Karen and DeWayne were nervous as the clock was ticking.  But in less than ten minutes, the documents were in their email inbox and ready to be printed.


They thanked staff profusely, saying that the experience meant the world to them and that the library had the best customer service!


March 15, 2023