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Photography & Video/Filming at the Library

Live Oak Public Libraries recognizes that libraries are public spaces enjoyed by the community. We welcome the use of our buildings for photography and filming. Photography and/or filming is allowed as outlined in Library policies and procedures and to the extent that it does not interfere with the delivery of library services.


Parties involved in photography and filming are expected to follow the Library’s Customer Behavior Policy. LOPL reserves the right to terminate any photography and video/filming activity that causes any undue disturbance, violates LOPL policies/procedures, or endangers the health and/or safety of library users and/or staff.

Photography and/or filming and/or audio recording members of the public, library staff, and public programs (unless permission has been granted in advance by LOPL) are prohibited except as outlined in this policy. Persons photographing or filming on library premises have the sole responsibility for gaining all necessary releases and permissions.


Casual / Personal / Amateur
Casual photography and filming for personal use is permitted in public areas of library facilities for patrons and visitors wanting a record of their visit.  Amateur photographers have explicit responsibility for gaining all necessary permissions from persons who are filmed or photographed.
Refrain from using flash equipment in areas that may disturb library users. Tripods or other equipment must not obstruct passageways or cause disturbances to library users.

Creative / Commercial / Professional
Library buildings may be used as a setting for creative, professional, or commercial photography and/or filming. Requests must be submitted in writing and approved in advance by LOPL. In order to receive permission to take photos or video on LOPL properties, inside or outside, an insurance certificate listing Live Oak Public Libraries as an additional insured for purposes of taking photos and/or video is required.

News Media
News media doing stories or projects related to the Library or its programs and services are welcome to perform photography and video/filming. Prior approval must be obtained from the Library. Requests from the media should be directed to the Communications Coordinator at 912.652.3665 or

LOPL does not grant permission for news media to use its facilities for stories or projects that do not relate to the Library. Library facilities are not allowed to be used as interview venues for unrelated stories.

Groups and Non-Library Events in Meeting Rooms
Groups utilizing library meeting rooms may arrange for photographers and news media during their event.  Filming and photography for such events is restricted to the space reserved by the group and may not take place in other areas of the library.

Live Oak Public Libraries
LOPL engages in photography and video/recording of activities, programs, and events for promotional purposes in print and online. Library patrons consent to the use of their photo taken at the library or during library events, unless they specifically inform staff otherwise. Notify library staff if you do not want to be photographed or recorded.


Contact the Director of Public Services at 912.652.3663 or