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Photography & Video/Filming Procedures

The following procedures guide all requests for photography and video/filming at Live Oak Public Libraries.

Requests for photography and video/filming

There are two types of requests that can be submitted for photography and video/filming opportunities at Live Oak Public Libraries (LOPL).

  1. Requests from members of the media should be directed to the Communications Coordinator at 912.652.3665 or

  2. All other requests for taking photographs and/or video/filming must be submitted in writing and approved in advance by LOPL. In order to receive permission to take photos or video on LOPL properties, inside or outside, an insurance certificate listing Live Oak Public Libraries as an additional insured for purposes of taking photos and/or video is required. Click on the link below to submit your request.


LOPL reserves the right to terminate any photography and video/filming activity that causes any undue disturbance, violates LOPL policies/procedures, or endangers the health and/or safety of library users and/or staff.  LOPL also reserves the right to terminate such kind of activity without prior application at the discretion of library staff based on actual circumstances.

Library staff and/or patrons cannot be filmed or photographed without prior permission.


Contact the Director of Central Library Services at 912.652.3661 or