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Community Engagement

Libraries are committed to strengthening partnerships and increasing engagement
with agencies and organizations that align with our mission.


Demmentrice Jefferson standing before bookshelving

Necessary to Become Successful

Community Engagement  Quality of Life

They provide a place for someone like me to do things necessary to become successful.


How have libraries made a difference in your life?

Just being able to go to a place that has many different resources to help in many areas of your life. I can remember coming into the library to put a resume together before I had a computer, when I was looking and applying for different jobs. Also, coming in to do research while I was in college and being able to have a quiet place to study when I needed a place to do that.


Why were you interested in serving on the Library Board?

I was interested because a good friend of ours who worked for the library, Mrs. Bonnie, was great.  She and her staff were wonderful to the youth who we serve in our business.  We have a Learning Center and the library staff did many wonderful things with our children. So when asked would I mind serving on the Board, I did not hesitate.


Libraries are important because...

Libraries provide a place for someone like me to do things necessary to become successful. Job searching, resume building, a place to study and do research, and most importantly very child-friendly, where children can fall in love with books and reading!


~ Demmentrice Jefferson
  Vice Chair, Regional Library Board of Trustees
  Member, Liberty County Library Board


January 3, 2023