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Library Stories

Libraries are active community centers that empower people to
explore their world, ask questions, and learn something new.

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Islands Library computers

Building Confidence

Technology Access

I am extremely grateful to have the privilege to use the computers and printer at this library.

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Midway Riceboro Shoutout

Our Library As A Gift

Quality of Life

I see our library as a gift, which he can continue to grow with...

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Rincon Library

Find the Love of Reading Again

Quality of Life  |  Lifelong Learning

After having two children, I decided to go back to school...

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Carnegie Library Wi-Fi

Staying Connected

Technology Access

Libraries serve as essential neighbors and community centers for Internet access...

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Nader M. and sons

Thirst for Learning

Lifelong Learning

The library has made my two boys thirsty. They are excited to go to the library.

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A Great Place to Be

Student Success

The library has made a big difference in my life, specifically the librarians.

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Pooler Library family

Homeschool Success

School Success  |  Quality of Life

Our homeschool would not be the success it is without your services.

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Islands Library

The Fabric of My Life

Quality of Life  Lifelong Learning

We all recognized the library as a safe and stimulating place...

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