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Zadonna in front of Bull StreetTwo children readingNader and sonsIslands Library computers

Library Stories

Libraries are active community centers that empower people to
explore their world, ask questions, and learn something new.

Bull Street Library

Solace and Refuge in the Library

Lifelong Learning I Quality of Life

A piece of the Bull Street Library has been with me and will continue to be with me.

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The Woman Who I Am Today

Quality of Life | Economic Empowerment

If it wasn’t for the public library, I wouldn't be the woman who I am today.

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Staff Member

Passing on a Love of Reading

Lifelong Learning

When I became a mother I also took my children to Live Oak Libraries...

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A Great Place to Be

Student Success

The library has made a big difference in my life, specifically the librarians.

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The Extra Mile

Quality of Life

I am grateful for staff who will go the extra mile.


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Seed Library

Innovation Community Engagement

Thank you for giving us the chance to learn how to grow something new.

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Pooler Library family

Homeschool Success

School Success  |  Quality of Life

Our homeschool would not be the success it is without your services.

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Carnegie Library Wi-Fi

Staying Connected

Technology Access

Libraries serve as essential neighbors and community centers for Internet access...

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