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Lifelong Learning

Libraries offer something for everyone in any stage of life.
We create connections, provide programs, share services, and increase access to information. 


Sassy Seniors

Supporting Seniors

Lifelong Learning

This group gives me something to look forward to and helps me feel less alone.


The Sassy Seniors virtual program hosted by W. W. Law Library brings together older patrons to chat and hang out online. They play games, do art projects, and even get technology advice, including how to order groceries online. The program evolved out of necessity during the COVID-19 shutdown.


It’s the highlight of my week. We have fun and the interaction keeps my brain sharp. This group gives me something to look forward to and helps me feel less alone...


“We have dance parties too!” she added, noting the importance of movement and staying active.


W. W. Law Library also hosts an adult relaxation program for folks to step away from the worries of the day to engage in the moment and enjoy some friendly company.


Never Missed a Session


Growing up as a child, my library of choice was the Carnegie Library. Even though it was not the neighborhood library, it was where I went to complete class assignment projects. Since COVID-19, the W.W. Law Senior program (Sassy Seniors) has been a weekly joy with other seniors my age. 


We engage in programs that stimulate and motivate us, thanks to Ms. Stacy Marcus, who involves us in programs to keep us excited and motivated. Never a dull moment. Have never missed a session.


~ Willie Mae
  W.W. Law Library Customer

I Never Laughed So Much!


I really enjoy all of the games, crafts, and exercises. The most fun I had was participation in a virtual tea party with the seniors. We had to cover our eyes while drawing a teapot--the pictures were hilarious!!!  I never laughed so much!!!


This group has helped me so much during the pandemic with no place to go. I still got the opportunity to enjoy the company of others... I'm thankful to the library for remembering us seniors.


~ Martha
  W.W. Law Library Customer

Something to Look Forward To


It has given me something to look forward to each week. Ms. Marcus is a lovely host and always tries to make it quite enjoyable each and every Friday. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the arts and crafts program and really look forward to any other activity your library offers.


I would also like to thank Ms. McKiver for her valuable input as needed as well, she is very knowledgeable.


~ Jacquelyn
  W.W. Law Library Customer


Young at Heart Program


Enjoy for Years to Come


The public library has been invaluable to me for many years. When in high school in Louisville, KY, I visited the main library to complete my term papers. The Garden City Library in Savannah is close to my home now. I get books, DVDs, make copies, and use the Wi-Fi

Being a senior on a fixed income, the library has been very useful.

I also enjoy the Sassy Senior Day at W.W. Law with Stacy Marcus.  So in summary, I have enjoyed the library from youth on, and hope to continue enjoying it for years to come.


~ Marilyn
  Garden City Library Customer

Motivated Me to Keep Moving


I never had access to a library growing up in the 1950's. I am 79 years of age. Since COVID-19 in March 2020 and the shelter-in mandate, I have been engaged with the W.W. Law weekly "Sassy Senior" program. I have been inspired and motivated to keep moving physically and mentally. I have enjoyed books, movies, crafts, and socializing with persons in my age group.


I have especially enjoyed "lateral thinking" outside the box. I have enjoyed the memory aid exercises. This is so important to persons our age. We look so forward to all of the exercises and activities that Ms. Stacy Marcus presents weekly. When I wonder what's next, Stacy always exceeds my anticipation and I thoroughly enjoy each session. Thursdays at 2:00pm is reserved for her.


~ Mary Ann
  W.W. Law Library Customer

Thankful for Our Golden Years


While I've never been to the actual library, I do enjoy my virtual Senior Group every Thursday.


This group has helped me age gracefully. My short-term memory was dying until I joined this Senior Group. Stacy's selected programs have my mind and comprehension perking up like it was then I was in my thirties. She even helped me improve my technical skills.


I love the self-help programs and projects. Also, my latest arts and craft project is on display in my living room and I get good compliments on it. Sometimes, we separated into teams of three or four. That was so much fun because Stacy's insight and patience taught us how to relax, be calm, enjoy our friends and be thankful for our golden years.


~ Jeannette A.
   W.W. Law Library Customer

Never Disappointed


I really appreciate the library for the opportunity that I have been given to participate in a virtual program on Zoom, with the Sassy Senior Program. We are instructed in many activities that motivate us in a number of ways. I give Ms. Marcus thanks and high praises for her diligence, patience, and timely manner in which she conducts our program. 


I look forward to it every week, never disappointed.


~ Johnnie
   W.W. Law Library Customer


An Excellent Experience


It has been years since I've taken advantage of the programs that the library has to offer. However during this pandemic, I am having an excellent experience with Ms. Marcus and all of the other ladies in our "Young at Heart Program" held on Fridays.

After this pandemic I plan to utilize, and take full advantage of some of the other programs that the library offers.

I am so grateful to Ms. Marcus for organizing and directing this program. After this pandemic I plan to utilize, and take full advantage of some of the other programs that the library offers.


~ Linda
   W.W. Law Library Customer


April 5, 2021