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Economic Empowerment

Libraries provide resources and training to help individuals apply for a job,
advance their careers, and better manage their financial lives.


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Wonder of Information

Economic Empowerment  |  Technology Access

To me libraries are priceless!


Islands Library helps Carolyn run her small art business. She enjoys using the computers to work on projects and stay organized so that future tasks go more smoothly. She is able to keep up with online orders, print item tags, and search for new inspiration for her art.


Carolyn has been selling her art for nearly 20 years. She is a one-person operation and stays busy selling art in five different local shops that sell handmade items. She also has an Etsy store, where she has sold items from Alaska to South America and Norway to New Zealand.


She says, "Creativity goes back a long way in my family. I count on library resources constantly to keep up with ideas, printing, and organizing. Libraries are in my blood."

I highly value Live Oak Public Libraries, as I have always loved libraries in every place I’ve lived. I mean, what a wonder of information, free of charge. There is nothing comparable!"

Carolyn recalls, "I remember hours spent twice a week in libraries when I was young, thanks to my mother, so I hold those wonderful memories close to my heart. Now that we both live in the same city, we often run into each other at the library once again. Funny how life circles back around like that.


"I remember learning the card catalog, Dewey decimal system, reading newspapers and magazines, carrying a large stack of books home with me and excitedly thumbing through them on the ride home. I think back to long college evenings and nights working away at footnotes and quotations for college term papers. I loved how quiet it was in the library. Such a break from the bustle of daily activity."


"Today, I love my library for all the DVD movies, the kids activities, the summer reading challenges, and the computer time."

But most of all, I love my library for the wonderful staff, the kindness shown to all, the friendships in familiar faces, and the adventures a good book can take you on.  To me libraries are priceless!


~ Carolyn
Islands Library Customer


June 20, 2022