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Zadonna in front of Bull StreetTwo children readingNader and sonsIslands Library computers

Library Stories

Libraries are active community centers that empower people to
explore their world, ask questions, and learn something new.

Maurie in a yellow sweater and glasses.

Grateful for My Library

Quality of Life

I have loved the library since I was a little child.

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Ms. Sheffield standing before a bookcase.

You Can Be Anything

Community Engagement  Quality of Life

You can be anything you want to be when you come to the library.

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Demmentrice Jefferson standing before bookshelving

Necessary to Become Successful

Community Engagement  Quality of Life

They provide a place for someone like me to do things necessary to become successful.

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Laura and library quote

Cornerstone to the Community

Quality of Life  Lifelong Learning

The library can bring people together like no other place.

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Reshma holding a "Create Your Future" sign.

Lifelong Readers

Lifelong Learning | Quality of Life   

I started taking my children to the Library...

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Young child sitting before a chess board.

Chess Club Creates Connections

Community Engagement  |  Quality of Life

Kids’ Chess has taken off as an exciting and engaging after-school program.

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Vontessa and library staff.

She Got the Job!

Technology Access | Economic Empowerment

We wish Vontessa continued success in the future!


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Savanna Waddle, Regional Social Services Coordinator

Connecting People with Resources

Community Engagement  |  Quality of Life

This is a space for you to make a community.

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