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Zadonna in front of Bull StreetTwo children readingNader and sonsIslands Library computers

Library Stories

Libraries are active community centers that empower people to
explore their world, ask questions, and learn something new.


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Life Changing

A Life Changing Difference

Quality of Life  |  Lifelong Learning

Live Oak Public Libraries made a life changing difference in my life more than 55 years ago.

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More Than a Building

Student Success | Quality of Life

The library has become so much more than a building that is filled with books.

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Never Too Old to Learn

Lifelong Learning  |  Quality of Life

You're learning from me, I'm learning from you... We're never too old to learn.

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Enriching Life

Quality of Life  |  Lifelong Learning | Community Engagement

This service has truly enriched my mom's life, as well as many others.

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Create Your Future

Wonder of Information

Economic Empowerment  |  Technology Access

To me libraries are priceless!

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Luther and Arvenette sitting

They Were There

Economic Empowerment  |  Technology Access

Every time we needed help, they were there.

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                Boy holding library card

Such a Fun Experience

Early Literacy | Quality of Life

Thank you for making getting a library card such a fun experience.

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