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Quality of Life

Libraries help individuals achieve their personal goals while
working to strengthen our community’s collective goals.


Valencia and her son

A Safe Haven

Quality of Life

Being at any of the libraries is always welcoming...


Live Oak Public Libraries has been extra helpful. I love the [Grab & Go Meals] program for when kids are out of school. Always a great spot for Parent University activities and, at certain locations, you can grab discarded books to give them another chance! I really appreciate the State Parks Passes, cool attractions, and amenities. I love having a Live Oak Libraries account.


I use the Library mostly to look up what's going on in and around Savannah as well as the surrounding areas. Being at any of the libraries is always welcoming….I love doing all the projects and getting all the free books. I donate them to different offices and send them to my family. Thanks to the Library for being a safe haven with knowledgeable resources and happy people :)


P.S. Oh yeah, I join every Reading Challenge!


~ Valencia
   Oglethorpe & Port City Library Customer


January 13, 2022