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                Webb Space Telescope

Webb Space Telescope
Community Events

October - December 2021

Celebrate space, science, and the universe!

Live Oak Public Libraries is one of almost 500 sites across the country to celebrate the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA’s next great space science observatory.  Rincon Library will offer a range of programs to bring the excitement of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to children and the community.

Webb is the largest and most complex space science telescope ever built – the premier observatory of the next decade. This international mission, led by NASA in partnership with the European and Canadian space agencies, will launch in December 2021.

The telescope will observe the universe in infrared and give us insight into how our universe formed.  Webb will extend the scientific discoveries of the Hubble Space Telescope and other past NASA missions.


Upcoming Activities & Programs

Join us for virtual programs and take-home projects! Visit or call Rincon Library at (912) 826-2222 for details.

Moon Activity Kits
All of October

Kits available at Rincon Library all month, while supplies last. Pick up a Moon Calendar or a Moon Observation Kit and chart your observations! Create a Moon Calculator Wheel to help you learn more about the phases of the moon. All ages.


All of November

Kits available at Rincon Library all month, while supplies last. Pick up a STEAM-themed activity and have fun learning about science, technology, engineering, art, and math. All ages.


Webb Telescope Mirror Kits
Week of November 8

Kits available at all library locations, while supplies last. In celebration of National STEM Day, learn about the design of the Webb Telescope and create your own replica of its mirror. Ages 5+
Adapted from NASA's resources for educators.


Create It!
November 10, 4:30PM - 5:30PM

Join us for guided video tutorial of Webb Telescope Mirror Kit, available at your library, while supplies last! Ages 6+
Click here to register for this virtual program.


Webb Space Telescope Launch Viewing
December 18

View the launch of the Webb Space Telescope at Rincon Library or watch from home!


Art & Astronomy
December 30, 11:00AM - 2:00PM

Enjoy a space-themed outdoor program at Rincon Library. Create an out-of-this-world art project and then display your work in the Library's Webb Space Telescope Gallery. (On view until February 3, 2022)
And try your hand at NASA's #UnfoldTheUniverse Art Challenge.


First Observations
Summer 2022

Celebrate the first images being sent to NASA from the Webb Space Telescope. Join us for a viewing party at Rincon Library or watch from home.

Space Storytimes

Storytime: Space

Join NASA research scientist Antara Basu-Zych and her daughter Zina as they read a story about space and share information about the Webb Telescope project!


Storytime eBooks

Click on the book covers to check out the titles featured in Storytime.

Additional Resources