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Volunteer at the Library

Volunteers make the Library a great place! Volunteer support helps the Library be more successful in serving the community. Students, individuals, organizations, and civic groups can all be volunteers.

The purpose of the Live Oak Public Libraries Volunteer Program is to engage persons who donate their time, talents, skills, and enthusiasm in a mutually rewarding partnership with the Library and its staff, who will support the volunteers in their efforts to build a stronger community through library programs, resources, and services. 


Volunteer Opportunities

The role of the library volunteer helps Live Oak Public Libraries (LOPL) expand support for routine tasks and special events and projects, enhance customer service, and provide additional community expertise.  Volunteers must be at least 15 years old.   

There are four types of volunteers for Live Oak Public Libraries:


Program Volunteers

Individuals who provide leadership, instruction and/or support to a program (ex. yoga instructor, computer coding instructors, etc.).  Individuals volunteer on a regular basis, typically not less than once per month.


Administrative Volunteers

Individuals who volunteer in an office and assist with specific projects.  Ideal for retired professionals, corporate volunteer programs, or college students.  Opportunities are based on individual’s area of specialty (i.e. computer skills, finance, administrative, etc.) and may include:

  • Helping with opening and sorting mail and faxes;
  • Organizing office spaces and files;
  • Greeting and assisting office visitors and volunteers;
  • Organizing materials and assembling packets; or
  • Folding and sorting various materials.


Special Event / Special Project Volunteers

Individuals who volunteer for various events held throughout the community libraries (i.e. Summer & Winter Reading kick off parties, Summer Feeding, special theme events, etc.). Groups & corporations are encouraged for special events.  Special event volunteers assist on the event day with set-up, during the event with guest assistance and registration, or after the event with clean up.


General Volunteers

Individuals who are looking for short-term volunteer opportunities such as cleaning and dusting materials, simple mending of library materials, moving books and other assignments as needed.  This is ideal for high school students and short-term volunteers, and may include the following:

  • Dusting or cleaning of materials;
  • Simple mending of library materials;
  • Assisting in the preparation of displays;
  • Performing simple clerical tasks; or
  • Moving books and other materials.

Volunteers receive no payment or discounted fees for their service. Hours will be kept on record for tracking purposes. 

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Live Oak Public Libraries’ Volunteer Code of Conduct is to provide direction, guidance, structure and outline expectations for volunteers at Live Oak Public Libraries.  

Volunteers will:

  • Comply with the rules and regulations of Live Oak Public Libraries;
  • Comply with the dress code of Live Oak Public Libraries;
  • Perform volunteer duties to the best of their ability;
  • Conduct themselves in a professional and positive manner;
  • Disclose in advance any medical or physical limitations related to the volunteer opportunity;
  • Work with library staff to help accomplish the duties, projects or tasks set by the library;
  • Ask the supervisor for answers and clarification if there are questions;
  • Sign in and out for every time they volunteer;
  • Report on time as scheduled for the assigned volunteer opportunity;
  • Notify the appropriate person if not on time or unable to work the assigned time; and
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all library and patron information and records.

Volunteers understand that they will not be compensated, and that they may be terminated if they fail to meet volunteer attendance commitments or if they otherwise violate any of the rules and regulations of Live Oak Public Libraries.

Will you join us?

There are variety of volunteer opportunities to suit your interests and schedule. Please fill out the volunteer application form below.

Questions? Contact 912-927-4082 or



Who can volunteer?

Anyone can be a volunteer! Students must be at least 15 years old. High schoolers will get credit for hours. Organizations and civic groups can volunteer too.


When are there openings?

Flexible hours are available on weekdays & weekends. Give one hour or one day - we appreciate your time!


What will I do?

Choose how you would like to participate. Activities are indoors and you can wear casual clothing. Duties range from helping prepare supplies and materials for library programs to assisting in the Circulation Department.


Where do I go?

Help out at your local library or find a convenient location at one of 16 libraries across 3 counties.


Why volunteer?

You can give back to the community. The value of volunteer time is estimated at $28.54 per hour*. Thank you!


Are you interested?

Complete the Volunteer Application form, call 912-927-4082, or email Thanks!


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