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Tea Time Together

posted April 7, 2021


For nearly twenty years, I have been a member of Tea Time at the Ola Wyeth branch. I had been in town about six weeks and into the Ola Wyeth branch about five times, and the librarian at the time suggested that I might enjoy attending the book club (I had seen the notice at the front desk and was already contemplating attending, but she gave me a push). I have been a faithful attendee ever since.


We meet monthly, everyone welcome, and discuss what we had been reading. After the branch unfortunately closed, we moved the meeting to the Bull Street branch and more recently to Zoom. It is a perfect format because everyone reads what they wish. It is a great source for book suggestions, and what reader doesn't like to hear about and discuss books? Often multiple attendees will have read a book and the discussions can get lively. I look forward to our monthly meetings.


The hardest part of the pandemic for me was the library closing and the library’s re-opening, even just to pick up books at the door, was a banner day--I had books on the hold shelf the entire closure, and I made an appointment as soon as I saw the re-opening email and was there the next morning. I would much rather binge read than binge watch.


Susan C.
Bull Street Library Customer