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Student Success

From homeschooling to high school, college, and beyond

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A Great Place to Be


The library has made a big difference in my life, specifically the librarians. They help me through difficult situations and schoolwork. They motivate me to do things I was scared to do. After having a great experience at the library, I'm now interested in new things I've never done before. Basically, all I'm saying is that the library is a great place to be.


LeMario T.
W.W. Law Library Customer

Homeschooling Help


The library is a huge part of my homeschooling curriculum. I wouldn't want to attempt homeschooling without the library! The librarians feel like good friends and family. And I've been able to rediscover my reading life as an adult and mother again after taking a long break from reading in the early mothering years.


Heather M.
Southwest Chatham Library Customer

Port City Library

Useful Sources


I utilize this library to work on my school assignments. It has been beneficial to me to use the internet and find useful sources, and access the catalogs and periodicals!


Michael L.
Port City Library Customer

College and Beyond!


The Library has made an impact in many areas. It helped me through my college degrees with the various resource books for my many essays. For my DIY projects, I was able to benefit from the many books that were very informative. The computer labs were a bonus for mental breaks or researching information.


Kathey K.
Hinesville Library Customer