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Mary-Elizabeth V.

Our Special Time Together

posted March 30, 2021


From the time that I was a very little girl, my grandfather would take me to the Live Oak Public Library to check out books twice a month. It was our special time together, and I would greatly look forward to those afternoons. He would pick me up from school, and I would have a sack full of the books that I had checked out from the last visit all ready to be returned.


I remember as the years passed by, I would gradually move from the young children's selections to the older children's selections, and eventually to the books that were more appropriate for high schoolers and older teens. I never did make it to the adult sections with him because as the years moved forward, we both grew older and time somehow seemed to slip away quicker than it had before.


I am now an English teacher, and my professional and personal time is consumed with reading new books and old favorites and hopefully passing the joy and appreciation of the written word onto new generations of readers. I still find joy in holding a new book, just like I did in those days at the public library with my grandfather.


I always think of him whenever I go to any of the library locations, and while he is no longer around to accompany me, he is forever in my memories. I like to think that those visits helped lead to my career choice and my continued love for reading!


Mary-Elizabeth V.
Bull Street Library Customer