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A Love of Reading

What is it about getting lost in a good book?

Scroll down the page to view a variety of stories about folks of all ages who love to read!

A Love of Reading 1

Encouraging Environment


When my son was six months old, we became regulars for the Garden City Storytime. Our trips to the library were always fun and he enjoyed the stories, songs, crafts, special events, and especially the attention from the sweet library staff members. As he grew and aged-out of story time, we started attending the afterschool programs.


Patrick was a reluctant reader, but he loved reading to the dogs, Maya and Lucy. One book in particular was his bedtime favorite--and had been introduced to him by the children's librarian--and he was so excited to share this story with Maya.


The Garden City Library and its staff members provided a safe and encouraging environment and I truly believe these positive experiences have helped my son develop a love of reading.


Melanie F.
Garden City Library Customer


A Love of Reading 2

I Love to Read!


I can't begin to tell you how important the library is for me. I love to read! I can't imagine how much I would have spent on books all these years and it is wonderful that I didn't have to. Added to that is the pleasure of seeing the faces of our librarians.


During the pandemic, I felt lost without my trips to the library. I tell everyone how much they are are missing without their library. I tell them the times our branch is open and how easy it is to request books, check them out, and renew them online. I don't know how people can go without reading.


Linda D.
Port City Library Customer

A Love of Reading 3

Lifetime of Reading


I enjoy so much having Garden City Library near my home! I've brought my 3 year-old there since he was a baby. He loves to read as a result. The staff always say a friendly hello to him and know us by name. Great monthly selection of children's books and new fiction for adults. Craft projects and free lunches in the summer, too! Thank you for making an impact for a lifetime of reading.


Sherah R.
Garden City Library Customer

Gary B. at Forest City

Never Too Late


I'm 70+ years old. My wife encouraged me to read a good book 5 years ago and I really enjoyed it!  I've been reading a book each day since then. I love reading mysteries, especially authors like John Grisham! I'm thankful for the library. It's never too late.


James C.
Bull Street Library Customer

A Love of Reading 4

Reluctant Reader to Avid Reader


They have turned my reluctant reader into an avid reader of graphic novels. Thank you Live Oak Public Libraries!


Kristi S.
Southwest Chatham Library Customer

book stacks

Spending Hours Reading in the Stacks


I got my first library card in 1952 and have been an enthusiastic user ever since.  My mother used to take me to one of the classic old Carnegie public libraries every week, where she stocked up on mystery stories.  I was a precocious reader, and was delighted when they bent the rules for me and let me have adult borrowing privileges when I was 10 years-old.  I spent hours in those old cast iron stacks with the pebbled glass panels for flooring.


Marc T.
Bull Street Library Customer

Rincon Library

Find the Love of Reading Again


As a child, I was not a huge fan of anything school related. Math and reading were not my friends. After having two children, I decided to go back to school and took a upper level English class. It required a lot of reading. At the age of 32, I read The Great Gatsby for the first time. My love of reading has grown.


I started years ago going to the Rincon Library and started to check out books from my favorite author. That is when fate stepped in and I met Cathy Driggers when she agreed to participate in a Summer Feeding program for students. She urged me to try the new Libby online library instead of buying so many books. I love the Libby app. I am able to borrow books and have access to so many titles I wouldn’t have known about. Thank you Cathy for helping find the love of reading again.


Stacey S.
Rincon Library Customer

Books Are My Best Friends


I have been an avid reader since elementary school and am now 73. Books are my best friends. When the library closed for several weeks because of COVID, I was so unhappy--not only because I couldn't get to any books, but because I just love going in the library.


There's a special lady at my church who is 94, who I've shared books with for many years. Then she got to the point that she couldn't read regular books, and I had to get her large print ones. Then about a year and a half ago, she got to the point that she couldn't read large print books anymore, and I had to start getting her books on tape. She thanks me constantly for keeping her in "reading material" because she loves books like I do, and at her age, audiobooks fill a big void in her life.


Everyone in the Oglethorpe Mall library is so nice, and it's just a pleasure going in there. Thanks!


Diane S.
Oglethorpe Mall Library Customer

Good Memories


When I was growing up in Savannah, my mother would take us to the library. We would spend hours in there looking at books. It is where I fell in love with reading. The Hardy Boys mysteries were my favorite and I must have checked them out a dozen times or more. I would always come home with an arm full of books. I love research and study and anything I could learn in there. Good memories.


Sheila B.
Oglethorpe Mall Library Customer


The library gives me the perfect place to take my granddaughter to foster a love of books and reading! She's always excited about going to the library. In addition to finding books, she loves to play in the area with the trains! Finding age appropriate books for her, watching her play and interact with other kids is a great stress reliever with to say the least!


Deborah A.
Bull Street Library Customer