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Start at the Library

When you don't know where to start, you can always start at the library.

Scroll down the page to read about new beginnings and the power of a library card.

I Haven't Bought a Book Since


I moved to Savannah, GA back in 2006. I love reading and a friend mentioned Live Oak Public Libraries.


I started visiting the library at Oglethorpe Mall in Savannah until I moved to Pooler. The staff is very accommodating. I don't wait long for my books to come in and although since being combined with PINES the weeks changed from three to two, I still love going to find a book or ordering online. I haven't bought a book since. All the books I had were donated to Bull Street Library.


I grew up in New York and we had a mobile public library. Now we have online. I loved and still love to read and want to thank all the staff at the Pooler and Savannah, including Oglethorpe for saving me money, and for always being so knowledgeable, polite, and attentive. I do plan on teaching my grandchildren the value of belonging to a public library, and using it to expand their knowledge and enjoying the art of reading.


Annette R.
Pooler Library Customer

I Knew the Library Would Help Orient Me


When we first moved to Savannah in 2009, one of the first things I did was register for a library card. I didn't yet know the city, but I knew the library would help orient me. I also was doing research on the Southern editors who made civil rights their cause and found a wealth of research information available at the Carnegie Library. I now have double-sided, cast-iron bookshelves in my home that were made for the original Carnegie Libraries throughout the country.


Amy Paige C.
Bull Street Library Customer

First Place


The Library was literally the first place we visited when we moved here 10 years ago. We visit at least once per week--all the librarians are amazing and we love using the PINES network for a greater selection of materials.


Jessica R.
Rincon Library Customer

Books as Far as the Eye Could See


When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."  As an avid reader, more than anything else, I loved that library, that wall of books as far as the eye could see.


One day, my dad came to me and said, "Katie, would you like to go see a library, like from 'Beauty and the Beast'?"  I excitedly went with him, and we went to the Islands Library.  It was at its old location, and in retrospect it was not big, but as a tiny little kid, the shelves seemed to go on forever, and I was delighted and awestruck by the number of books.  I'd found my own magical library, like from "Beauty and the Beast"!


I'm almost 30 years-old now, but I still treasure that memory of my first trip to the library, and I still feel a sense of comfort and happiness anytime I visit a library to find my next read.


Katherine P.
Garden City & Islands Library Customer


Feeling Special and Seen


My family relocated to Savannah in August of 2020. As a single car family moving into the city from rural West Georgia, I was thrilled to be able to walk to multiple libraries. After over a year of drive through libraries, my three year old daughter and I were so excited to be able to walk in and browse again. I could see the awe in her eyes as she took in the sheer size and beauty of this library. While kid friendly resources such as hot lunches and craft bags definitely help excite my preschooler, the true gem of this library is the staff. More than just cordial, professional, efficient, the staff at Bull Street Library has helped us feel welcome and at home in this big new city. My daughter knows that she can run in and find somebody truly excited to see her, somebody who makes her feel special and seen. As a stay at home mother with a highly sociable little girl in a brand new city, this has meant the world to us. As a parent and avid reader, I appreciate this incredibly warm environment that will hopefully help establish a love of reading and learning in my child as well as others in the community. Thank you so much for all you do!


Caryn F.
Bull Street Library Customer


In-A-New-City Mom

My husband and I moved to Pooler with our two daughters (almost 3 and 7 months old at the time) in October 2020. We didn’t know anyone! We started coming to the Pooler Library once a week to check out books for my older daughter, and it quickly became a safe, happy place for us! We love popping in, picking our books and saying hi. Julia loves Olaf and Elsa on the walls and I love reading fresh books every week instead of the same ones over and over! We also really appreciate all the coloring sheets and crafts the staff puts together. As a stay-at-home mom and in-a-new-city mom during the pandemic, it’s been a lifesaver! It’s been great for my own reading as well—I am thoroughly enjoying the PINES system’s extensive collection of hard copy and audiobooks and am reading through all of John Steinbeck’s novels right now!


Jill G.
Pooler Library Customer