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Southwest Chatham Library

An Extension of Our Family



The Southwest Chatham (SWC) branch of Live Oak Public Libraries is one of our favorite places to be! We can explore any number of subjects and participate in all sorts of fun projects.


Need a suggestion for novels for middle-grade boys? Mrs. Melanie is on top of it. Have a burning question about planes, robots, poetry, plants? Mr. Seth has you covered. Need an encouraging word and the inside scoop on the latest science graphic novels? Ms. J has just what you need. These are just a few examples. We adore the whole SWC crew.


We've planted seeds from the seed catalog, put together all sorts of craft packages, and read more story bundles than I can count. We all look forward to seeing the new book bundles/activities/news every time we visit! In short, our library is much more than a place--it is like an extension of our family. We look forward to many more happy years with SWC.


Jamie T.
Southwest Chatham Library Customer



Library Bag


Part of My Life and Family


I have seen the true meaning of community for the first time in my life through our local library this past year. Every industry, every person has been forced to show their true colors in adapting to the world as things evolve--the Rincon Library is an inspiration and a source of stability for our family.


My 2 year-old's favorite toy is a book; she brings them with her and can recite them after hearing only once or twice. My 3 year-old is the family artist and she lives for the daily and monthly crafts you've all provided. I literally got tears in my eyes the day you offered us FOOD on top of all the other programs--live, virtual, and do-at-home.


The work you do matters so much. It's a major part of my life and my family. Thank you! (We even have a special library bags!)


Amy T.
Rincon Library Customer