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Where Everybody Knows Your Name


Everybody Knows Your Name

The List Goes On and On


As a lifelong library lover, I owe so much to dear ole mom for taking me to the library constantly as a child. Checking out as many books as possible made my heart and mind soar. My love and passion for public libraries has only grown.


Now, I visit the Oglethorpe Mall library ALL THE TIME. I love seeing the friendly staff who treat me like Norm from Cheers. ("Norm!") The library allows me to read as much as I possibly can for pleasure, but it does so much more for our community. Research, hobbies, self-development, internet, job searching, kids' activities, movies, music, etc. The list goes on and on.  We don't thank our libraries enough. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!


Amy F.
Oglethrope Mall Library Customer

Tybee Library

Check All the Boxes


My top priorities when looking to relocate after retirement were a small town with a gym and a library. Tybee Island checked all three boxes.


The Tybee Library is like "Cheers" where everyone knows your name. It combines small town personal touches with access to a huge network of books across Georgia through PINES.


I love our librarians. They invited me to join the book club. I have met some wonderful people through the book club and have enjoyed the lively conversations every month. We actually discuss the books!


We have continued our book club meetings throughout the pandemic lockdown. The librarians have facilitated the Zoom meetings and have made sure we had access to the monthly books by ordering extra copies for us. These Zoom meetings have been a social lifeline during the isolation of COVID.


I am very grateful to have the Tybee Library in my life!


Susan A.
Tybee Library Customer