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Special Exhibits

image of panels at Fort Pulaski's Exhibit

Fort Pulaski Workers' Village

Special Archaeology Exhibit
April 3 - April 28, 2023: Islands Library
May 1 - May 31, 2023: Tybee Library


While Fort Pulaski is known for its pivotal Civil War battle, the fort’s nearly 200-year history has many layered and complex stories that are told less frequently.

National Park Service archaeologists are investigating the Workers’ Village, which was initially home to the people who built the fort. The Workers’ Village later housed hospital patients, self-emancipated “contrabands,” officer’s families, and others, before the village was thoroughly demolished in the 1881 hurricane.

This special exhibit includes five panels describing the current archeology project at Fort Pulaski. It covers the history of the Workers’ Village, how the archeological project is done, special artifacts, and how climate change is affecting the fort and archeology work.

This exhibit is hosted in partnership with Fort Pulaski National Monument.