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NASA: Discover Exoplanets at Southwest Chatham Library

December - February 2024

Learn about worlds beyond our solar system, and how scientists study them!

Live Oak Public Libraries is your ticket to the far reaches of space! Come experience the interactive Discover Exoplanets exhibit at Southwest Chatham Library, and learn about exoplanets!

An exoplanet is any planet beyond our solar system. Most orbit other stars, but free-floating exoplanets, called rogue planets, orbit the galactic center and are untethered to any star. And scientists are discovering new exoplanets all the time!

Learn from 11 interactive exhibits!

Learn how NASA is searching for worlds beyond our own, and what tools scientists use to aid in this search, all through immersive, interactive exhibits featuring exploration of ideas from science fiction, and the incredible research that goes into learning science fact!

Is there life beyond our planet? Gain a better understanding of our place in space, including the conditions that make an exoplanet habitable.

Southwest Chatham Library

14097 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31419
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Phone: 912.927.4079 |  Fax: 912.581.2241
Senior Library Manager: LaTrelle Mobley | email

Southwest Chatham Library is equipped with Common Access Card (CAC) readers.