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Books We Are Excited About

Spring 2020 - Kids

Whether your kids are sitting on your lap or using your laptop, we have some wonderful book selections for you and your family! We recognize how stressful this time is for parents and caregivers, so our librarians are here to help!

Trying to choose something captivating that kids will enjoy can be hard even in the best of circumstances. Allow us to assist by directing you to some of our favorites for the kiddos. Enjoy these “Three on a Theme” lists of reading recommendations for your younger kids. All titles can be found on one of the Library's e-resource platforms for e-books or e-audiobooks. Kid tested, librarian approved :)

Click on book covers to access online resources.

The Little Littles

Who hasn’t been there? Normally, you would be coming to the library to trade out your books for some new titles right about now. While our buildings are closed, you might feel stuck. You have reached the repetition phase of reading aloud that even you now have more than half the books on your kid’s bookshelf memorized. You are llama, llama’d out! (And we dare not mention the number of times you have had to listen to certain songs from certain Disney animated features.)

While screen time is not recommended for those under two, and ought to be limited for all children, this is not the moment to judge yourself too harshly for doing what you need to do to get by. Also, don’t forget that according to Every Child Ready to Read principles, play is an essential part of learning. Do the funny voices. Dress up in costumes. This is the perfect time to show kids that play is necessary and important for grown-ups too! That said, to protect devices from tiny toddler hands, you can always give children a physical book to hold while you participate in caregiver co-viewing.


Bedtime / Quiet Reads


Food, Glorious Food


Going Out (While Staying In)