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Nader M. and sons

Thirst for Learning

posted March 25, 2021


Starting in the fall of 2019 my boys, Miles (7) Jacob (5), and I started going to the Bull Street Library on a weekly basis. I can count on two hands how many weeks we have missed since then. Our experience with going to the library on a consistent basis over the course of a year and a half has been amazing. I believe most, perhaps rightly so, would see the library solely as a place to acquire books or free computer use. While they do have that, they have so much more to offer.


Most of my time has been in the kids' section, but I also wanted to use the library as a resource for myself. I've been able to rent a lot of books, both printed copies and audiobooks. I've also been able to rent e-texts and audiobooks through the apps Libby and Hoopla.


I also learned that the library has state park passes that can be rented out. I've used the pass many times to go to Skidaway State Island Park to enjoy family time or do a workout. Who knew the library could supplement my exercise regime?


Perhaps my biggest personal score from the library is the Mango app. I love languages. Mango is a language learning app that, because of the library, I have full access to.


"The library has made my two boys thirsty. They are excited to go to the library. They have developed a passion for books and for learning..."


As much as I have enjoyed the aforementioned and continue to use those resources, I absolutely love what the library has been able to do for my two boys. They have come to love the library. As a father of two young children, I don't want to force the ability to read at a certain age. I don't want them to simply possess knowledge. I want them to desire. I know this may seem contradictory, but stay with me.


This idea may be best summarized by the following thought. Have you heard the saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink?" As I heard someone say in podcast once, forget leading the horse to water, just make him thirsty.


The library has made my two boys thirsty. They are excited to go to the library. They have developed a passion for books and for learning, as opposed to simply having been taught with no desire.


The staff in the kids' section, shout out to Kasey, Rachel, Ms. Lewis, and Kendra, are amazing. They are so welcoming and patient. (Last week, my eldest brought in a long list of books for Kasey to search and place on hold and that's just one example of many.)


Through the use of weekly crafts, reading challenges, games, activities, computer programs, books, and truly caring and knowing about the kids that spend time there, they foster an amazing environment to help kids develop that thirst. I highlight the kids' section, but all of the staff are wonderful.


I am truly grateful for the library.


PS: In case you are wondering, ALL of the above is free. Seriously.


Nader M.
Bull Street Library Customer