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A Treasure All My Life

A Treasure All My Life

posted April 6, 2021


My late husband used to say that, whenever we relocated, the first thing I would do, before unpacking boxes, was to get a library card. This was the case as well when I came to Savannah back in 1996.


I almost feel embarrassed every time I come to the counter at the Oglethorpe branch because I am there so often. Although I am fortunate to have the means to buy books, I am such an avid reader that it would add up to an impossible amount--never mind the kind of storage which would be needed.  Most of the time I read an interesting review and request a hold. Sometimes I give myself the gift of browsing and selecting something that piques my interest.


I am old enough to remember when we needed a letter opener to separate the pages of a new book, the wooden cabinets with very small, but deep drawers holding catalog cards and having to request holds using a form. And having the "borrow" card stamped officially was always exciting and held a special kind of promise. God forbid I lost it, though ... panic ensued! I have always belonged to a book club and, in those days, if you were the reviewer, you had to actually go to the library, collect several books, and install yourself at a table to take notes.


During COVID-19, though, I got with the times and bought a Kindle. A wonderful young man at the Oglethorpe branch taught me how to use it and I did during the pandemic. It is mostly retired now.  I still prefer the feel of a book and I am one of those strange people who inhale their fragrance, either fresh and new or charged with a myriad memories and stories.


As I mentioned it, I am a patron of the Oglethorpe Mall branch but, some years ago, I used to drive to the Southwest branch to take yoga lessons and my second husband taught a Genealogy class there. That is a beautiful building in a beautiful setting. It was a very wonderful day indeed when I felt free to return to Live Oak Libraries. I was so excited. Things had changed. There were acrylic dividers and the holds bookshelf was no longer in service. However, there were some familiar faces at the desks. And the fact that I wear a mask helps with the embarrassment of being there so often!


Public libraries are a treasure which has been open to me all my life and I am glad to be able to pay them tribute in this small way. Thank you for the opportunity!


Susana B.
Oglethorpe Mall Library Customer


A woman holding a welcome sign

For All You Do


As a person that grew up going to the library every week, I am so glad I can do that with my kids. It gave me the freedom of choosing what I can learn about or just read for fun. We are so grateful that the Live Oak Library is so convenient to our house and school. My kids would walk to the library for a field trip. They are always excited about going to the library to pick out new books to borrow and pick up the free craft. The library always feels so clean and welcoming. Thank you for all you do for our community.


Stacy G.
Islands Library Customer

Will Always Come Back


When I was growing up one of my favorite memories was my grandmother bringing me to the library for monthly activities. My favorite time was when I won a question game about my favorite movie and won a puzzle book. This is why I love the library and will always come back.


Brooke T.

Hinesville Library Customer