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From Storytime to Staff Member

posted March 29, 2021


In 1984, I turned three years old. Both of my parents worked, so my Mema babysat me in the mornings. We would visit Pooler Library once a week. This is the same building of the current PooIer library. I have always loved books and Mema helped me pick out picture books we would both enjoy. I wanted to know what Storytime was, since I saw other children having a fun time.


At that time, Pooler library offered a Storytime for Preschool-aged children; I was slightly too young for this. Mema said her Grandson is only three but is a well-behaved child and very large for his age. At three years old, I looked like a 1st grader. The Librarian, Mrs. Jeannie, said that should not be an issue. I was very excited and felt included. Mrs. Kathleen performed Storytime and we listened to her read books and watched projector films! After Storytime, we would pick out books to borrow.


One rainy day, getting out of our car, I dropped a library book in a mud puddle. The book was The Muppets Go Camping (1981, Stevenson). Mema told me we would have to buy the book, but we would get to keep the "ruined" copy. She dried the book in the oven and taped it back together. Mema read that book to me every day.


On our next library visit, we paid for the damaged book. Mistakes happen and I learned several valuable lessons. Libraries are for everyone. You need to respect the borrowed items. Even a "damaged" book is worth reading.


Two years later, my parents moved to Effingham County. One of the first things we did was visit the old Springfield Library. I knew all the rules and was ready to explore a new building full of knowledge.


Seth S.
Library Staff Member