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A Silver Lining

A Silver Lining

posted April 12, 2021


We are longtime fans of the Tybee Library. Dorothy, age 8, attended her first story time with Ms. Ellen when she was only 9 months old.  Baby Dorothy quickly became a storytime "regular" and was known for her eccentric fashion, particularly in her choice of hats.  Being part of Ms. Ellen's story circle gave us the chance to discover new books and new friends.  Since Dorothy did not attend preschool, this special time with Ms. Ellen was really important.  It gave us something exciting to look forward to each Tuesday and became a very memorable part of Dorothy's early childhood.


Fast forward to present day, Dorothy is now a 2nd grader during the middle of a pandemic!  She has a little sister, Margaret (age 4).  Both girls love books and this year of lockdown has not prevented us from finding new ones every day.  We've become a new type of "regular" at the Tybee Library, using the Live Oak website to browse books and request hundreds of titles.  We often max out the holds limit and are known to check out 25 POUNDS of books at a time (it's true--I once weighed them).  Our kind librarians graciously roll out this heavy load for curbside pickup each week.


A silver lining of the pandemic is that we discovered we truly love doing school-at-home.  We've designed our own curriculum and we plan on continuing with this approach even after Covid-19 is under control.  One of the things we've loved most about our "new normal" is that we have the time and flexibility to incorporate so much more reading into our day.  Having the Tybee Library as our "homeschool library" will help ensure that we never run out of books, even if we do have to bring a wagon to get them all home, 25 pounds at a time.


PS: The Tybee Library and the staff are one of our most precious resources on this island!


Lea L.
Tybee Library Customer