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I Love My Library!

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Thank you to our devoted library customers!


Bull Street Library


book cake

I LOVE books and learning. The library has always been a special place for me as far back as I can remember. Words and pictures have transported me to magical places like the Great Library of Alexandria Egypt and the micro-environment of the the human cell!


In Savannah, the Bull Street branch is where you can find me. I have spent many hours in the Kaye Kole Genealogy & Local History Room looking at endless ribbons of microfilm while researching family history. A special thank you to all at the reference desk that helped me navigate this extraordinary treasure.

Libraries have been an important and influential part of my life growing up. My brother also loves books. For his birthday a few years back, I had a delicious and beautiful cake made with his favorite subjects :)


Mary L.
Bull Street Library Customer

It has helped me and my children. Using the services on the computer, I was able to successfully complete my short-term disability application. The kids were able to sit at the kids table and use Wi-Fi to do their online virtual classroom. Thanks a lot!


Hope G.
Bull Street Library Customer

Forest City Library


The staff at the Forest City Library makes me feel at home each time I visit. I have been a patron at this library for decades. Whether it's to use the computer resources or checkout books. Coming to this site is always like coming back home. The staff is awesome.


Betsy H.
Forest City Library Customer

I use the Forest City Library for a lot of reference materials that help me with my small business. They help me find books for my business. The staff is very nice and helpful.


Samuel G.
Forest City Library Customer

I love using the Forest City Library because it affords me needed materials. I love to sew, so I am able to print patterns for clothes and quilts. The staff is very helpful and friendly, too.


Denise W.
Forest City Library Customer

My visits to the library are always pleasant. The staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  Thank goodness because the Forest City branch is my second office.


Laureen B.
Forest City Library Customer

The staff at Forest is great. Every time I come in or call they always meets my needs. My granddaughters love coming in to checkout books to read and get on the computers. Ms. Johnson and Ms. Johnson always make us feel like family.


Tywanna M.
Forest City Library Customer

I love my library and the ladies who work in it. I actually walk here so the distance is great exercise! Please keep my library open.


Arvenia W.
Forest City Library Customer

The first thing I love about the library is the warm and friendly staff. I also like the excellent selection of books, CDs, and videos.


Leila H.
Forest City Library Customer

Garden City Library


I have probably loved libraries ever since an elementary school field trip to the New York Public Library. The sheer size of the building and all those books made me realize how much knowledge there was waiting to be discovered.


At the time, I never considered the library to be a place of fun until I brought my own kids to one of the Live Oak Public Libraries. I may have overheard a fellow mom discussing a local library activity with another mom, but after taking my children one time to see what it was like, we were hooked.


The staff is wonderful. (Shoutout to Maryann Brickey, who is is endearingly sweet, very personable and professional, and definitely a big part of why we came to love Live Oak Public Libraries.) So helpful and thoughtful in suggesting books for young readers. They are also wonderfully talented and creative in coming up with themes and decorations that coordinate with holidays and seasons, keeping kids engaged and current throughout the years. Our kids made so many crafts and creations, and were given the space and freedom to think, learn, and invent in a clean environment with their parents/guardians/siblings and other patrons. The library kept us coming back with special guest presentations, dance activities, games, treasure hunts, puzzles, LEGOs, scientific/engineering explorations, etc.


Due to COVID, these activities were suspended and my kids are older now, but I still frequently use the library for my own personal reading and am constantly impressed with how many of the latest books are available. We love the Live Oak Public Library system for its very friendly, knowledgeable staff and how it continues to enrich the community.


Slinda K.
Garden City Library Customer

Hinesville Library



Libraries, for me, have always been a fun and safe place to escape the stresses of the "real world." The Hinesville Library is great for this because of its wonderful selection of books, comics, and media. They also have a very friendly staff who want to help you find what you are looking for (and sometimes what you would have missed).


River G.
Hinesville Library Customer

The staff is wonderful. When I taught Pre-K, I would bring my class for activities and storytime.  I really enjoy the computer classes. Great for my grandchildren to read books and movies. With our new building and conference rooms, it's, as Tony the Tiger would say, "GREAT!"


Claire P.
Hinesville Library Customer

During the pandemic it has been priceless. With nothing to do but stay home, I was able to check out some wonderful books to read. I have also used the computer lab to copy articles, etc. I cannot imagine life without the library!


Laura M.
Hinesville Library Customer

The Hinesville Library has played an important role in keeping me engaged throughout this pandemic and I am truly grateful for their services, specifically hoopla. The hoopla app has helped me to catch up on my reading (which I NEEDED) and the access to a wide variety of books and movies are a plus. Audiobooks are my preferred option as I can listen to my fav while I'm on the move. Thanks a lot for all the work hard you all do for the community. We are appreciative of it and couldn't thank you more.


Hinesville Library Customer

I have used the library many years to do my ancestry, homeschool my grandson, to do necessary research, get movies, CDs, books, and etc. The staff have been friendly and helpful and I have established friendships with a few. The library is a necessary place in Hinesville.


Lozetta B.

Hinesville Library Customer

Islands Library



The library is our lifeline for both myself and my kids. It makes me so happy to bring home a giant basket of books and the kids devour it in a few days and ask for more. I love picking from the displays done by the librarians.

The library is definitely our happy place and we are very grateful. Nothing makes me happier than my kids being good readers! Hopefully it will serve them well in life.


Amber A.
Islands Library Customer

Midway-Riceboro Library


Midway Riceboro Shoutout

My son's life will have a constant flow of people coming in and out. From teachers to preachers, they will come and go. I see our library as a gift, whom he can continue to grow with and know that neighbors may move, but the library, and staff, remain!


Shekinah Lee H.
Midway-Riceboro Library Customer


Best library ever! All the librarians are awesome, caring, helpful, and friendly. They pick up the spirit of Midway. The books that I get ordered to come here are always treated like a gem. We have respect and much help from the free lunch for my grandchildren. The crafts offered are top notch and was a great blessing during COVID. This place is a sunray of knowledge and love. Thank you.


Lorri H.
Midway-Riceboro Library Customer

The ladies at the Midway branch are phenomenal! They are helpful finding books for my sometimes not-so-eager-to-read children! I have come to count on my libraries to help me get through some hard times--whether I need to research something my children are going through or need a break from reality. I know I can find what I need!


Sarah J.
Midway-Riceboro Library Customer

Port City Library


Port City Library

The Port City Library is a place where you are welcome to participate using computers, books, tapes, and videos. A great service to make copies and faxes. The Port City Library is a life saver for our community because they served during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Ervenia B.
Port City Library Customer

It is the wonderful staff that has allowed me to do research on on some of the things I find interesting to me whether it be history or just current events. I love the idea of having this resource available to me!


Willie S.
Port City Library Customer




I have been coming to this library since I was a little kid. My mom would bring me and family members to the library where we would read books and come to some of the events they had at the library. My mom would sign me up to participate in the library summer reading program.


Charles Y. Jr.
Port City Library Customer

Reading is a pleasure in my life and books are expensive. Without my library, my life would be was less full. I've also been able to introduce my children and now grandchildren to the pleasures of reading. I also firmly believe that without my library, the education of myself and my family would not be where it is now.


Deborah J.
Port City Library Customer

Rincon Library


I enjoy the many books and movies available. The library has given me many ideas for new manga and anime as well. I also enjoy Minecraft books.


Heather J.
Rincon Library Customer

All I can say is Cathy was absolutely amazing. She promptly helped me with everything and made this an awesome experience.


PS: Thank You!!!


Carlee D.
Rincon Library Customer

Tybee Library


We moved to Tybee during the pandemic. Our librarians started offering book bundles--choose a theme, get a bundle of books with activities too. It has been such a treat to get book bundles every week for my 2 and 4 year old. (To be fair it's all because of our wonderful nanny!) It's a fun routine, we get to read a lot of new books, and it teaches them about sharing resources and caring for items to pass on to others.


Melissa J.
Tybee Library Customer

W.W. Law Library


I began utilizing the public library, decades ago, while residing in Hitch Village Project. The librarians at our library were Ms. Bynes and Ms. Riley, and they were sincere and genuine individuals. My sister and I would attend storytime during the summer and use resources to assist with homework (directly after school) throughout the academic year. On Fridays, we would view films.  


Following the development of my family, my children and I started utilizing W.W. Law Library. The librarians were Ms. Sonya and Ms. Fran. They assisted the library's guests in many aspects of both educational and recreational enrichment, and my family and I still utilize the library for both aspects.


Currently, the librarians are Ms. Sandra, Ms. Stacy, and Ms. Fran. Throughout this worldwide pandemic that we're experiencing, they are fulfilling their roles virtually (via "Zoom"), and they are committed to performing efficient pick-up and drop-off services.


Denise J.
W.W. Law Library Customer



Ms. Sandra, Ms. Stacy, and Ms. Fran are FAMILY! My kids and I absolutely love and miss the W.W. Law branch ladies. They're extremely resourceful and helpful with any questions / information needed in any subject. The ladies have great interactions with kids, with activities available for all ages.


Kim J.
W.W. Law Library Customer