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Krispy Kremes

Krispy Kremes All Around!

posted April 9, 2021


The staff at the Oglethorpe Mall Branch of Live Oak Public Libraries know what an important part of my life they are since well before the pandemic. A life long reader, (Thanks Mom!) visiting and checking out books there has been an extra connection to friendly, real, live people even for a quick hello during the very bad, awful, no good year that 2020 was.


I remember how badly my elementary school librarian could make students feel. But I became a librarian myself and am now retired (because no book lover ever really retires). I'm able to enjoy my first favorite loved book: Smoky, the Cow Horse by Will James and so many new titles.


It is an exciting time to be a reader of any age. Thank you to the hardworking, always friendly and professional people of Oglethorpe Mall Library. I truly appreciate you each and every one. Krispy Kremes all around!


Patsy M.
Oglethorpe Mall Library Customer